Is Five Minute Makeup Possible?

We all have mornings where we’re strapped for time yet still need to look presentable. Trust me when I say I’ve been there! Your alarm clock doesn’t go off, you’ve pressed snooze one too many times, or your morning just isn’t going quite the way you want. With a busy schedule and hardly enough time to make  breakfast, putting on a full face of makeup doesn’t always make sense. I’ve had my fair share of practice over the years when it comes to applying makeup in a pinch. So today I thought I’d share my foolproof 5-minute makeup routine to save you time on those busy mornings. Keep reading to see how you too can achieve a perfectly put together look in no time at all…

Start at the foundation.

On busy mornings I opt for lighter but even-looking coverage when it comes to foundation. I want my skin to have a healthy, even glow without going over the top. For this I use any tint moisturizer. I love how blend-able their foundation is and the end-result feels completely weightless. Once my foundation is evenly applied, I reach for my concealer. I like to cover any noticeable redness or dark circles under my eyes, but make sure to do the bare minimum. Remember, we’re trying to save as much time as possible. Save any major contouring for another day!


Don’t forget to leave the house with a pretty, natural blush. I use Beautycounter’s blush in “Nectar”.  In general, I rarely contour my entire face. I then apply “Nectar” to the apples of my cheeks. It adds enough color to give me a healthy glow without being over the top.

Easy on the eyes.

Believe it or not there are only three products that I use on my eyes on a regular basis—whether I’m trying to save time or not! First, I start by using a taupe eyebrow pencil (any color is fine) but I use the Beautycounter brow pencil in “Medium”. I’m more of a natural girl myself, especially in the brow department. I then use the “Medium” pencil to make my brows look defined and a bit fuller. I pencil in my eyebrows mimicking the natural direction of the hair and use the spooli on the other end to blend it all out.  

Next, I use the UD “Original” eye primer, but if your eyelids are not oily you can definitely skip this step! Next, I go in with my Charlotte Tilbury “Audrey”. This eyeliner easily smudges, sp be sure to make the line as close to your lashes as you can. Then, take a q-tip and keep going back and forth. With enough practice, it will be like a second-nature.  Once I’m done smudging on eyeliner, I coat my eyelashes with mascara (choose the one that you most like) and call it good to go!

The perfect pout.

While there’s nothing I love more than classic red lips, a 5-minute makeup routine calls for something simpler. Before I head out the door, I swipe on Beauty Balm for moisture. Made with all-natural ingredients, it leaves my lips extra soft. Plus I love how refreshing the peppermint feels!

And there you have it! With enough practice you’ll have this routine down in five minutes flat.

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To Blush Or Not To Blush?

To Blush Or Not To Blush?

The answer is: YES to blush! However, applying too much or not enough blush can throw your entire makeup look for a loop. It's important to know how to use blush on a daily basis, which will help make your skin glow and look healthy. How do you choose between creams or powders, and which brushes and tools are the best to apply blush?

1. DON'T: Use too much of a contrasting color

You might flip open a magazine and see a bright pink or orange blush on “porcelain” skin for a fashion editorial, but this is not real life. Using too much of a contrasting color can backfire, leaving you with streaks and sometimes a dirty or muddy looking finish effect on the cheeks.

DO use a lighter version of a blush you like to build pigment on the apples of your cheeks until you get the desired color that you're looking for. It's much easier to build and blend a color than to take it away. Plus, if you have never bronzed yourself or have a really hard time with contour, then I suggest using a light pigmented blush. If you're fair skinned, try a softer light pink or peach color, mostly one that looks natural. If you have olive skin, opt for warmer tones with bronze, and if you have a darker skin tone you can play around with berry and plum-like colored blushes for a nice pop and highlight color effect.

Top Product Picks: Jane Iredale blush , Beautycounter “Nectar”

2. DON'T: Forget to blend

If you apply blush on the apples of your cheeks without blending first, this will appear as if it’s just sitting on the skin, almost clown like. The key is to blend in (cream or powder) so that it looks natural, like a soft wash of color on the cheeks.

Do: The First Rule Of Makeup is to Blend, Blend, Blend! in an upward motion along the cheekbone. Lightly blend with a blush brush (if its a cream, you can even use your fingers) until it looks even and natural, with no exaggerated lines. Blending is essential for makeup to look professional and to last a lot longer too!

3. DON'T: Wear blushes with a lot of glitter particles

You don’t want to look like a disco ball! Glitter can stay on parts of the face and be more distracting than you might want it to be, along with it being a bit tougher to remove when the day is done. A great way to test out how blush is going to appear on the skin is to try it out before actually committing to buying it and seeing for yourself how much shimmer actually stays on the face.

Do: Use a blush that has a subtle shimmer and that is soft and natural. Just enough that when the light hits your skin, you cast a beautiful glow, versus a product that might come off too glittery. A great way to add radiance to the skin is by using a cream blush or a liquid highlighter, which you can work into the skin with your fingers for a beautiful finish.

Top Product Picks:

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Is Clean Beauty Just an Urban Myth?

The truth is that these days, clean beauty is becoming not just a choice of beauty products, but also a  consideration when it comes to your health. Today, we have an abundance of amazing makeup, skincare, and hair-care products, but many people are starting to really wonder if what they are using everyday on their skin, is really “Clean”?

Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about clean beauty products:

They don’t perform as well as regular makeup

This is absolutely not true. Clean beauty products are actually packed with lots of ingredients that are are very beneficial for your skin. As a matter of fact, when you wear clean beauty makeup, it provides protection from free radicals that come from the sun and the pollution that we get everyday when we step outside. Clean makeup is packed with much cleaner ingredients and made without any synthetics, fillers and other chemicals. A lot of companies are now creating their hair products with the same clean beauty in mind and have started using even more clean and sustainable products in their line. Don’t forget that in the world of beauty, there are good and bad performing products with both clean beauty and mainstream cosmetics. The best thing that each of us can do is our own research to find the products that work the best for you.

Clean Beauty is too expensive

Clean Beauty products are not any higher in price then the same products that are in the mainstream beauty world. Just look online and you can compare them yourself. When using clean beauty, you are getting more high quality ingredients, and there is no mystery with what you are using.  They are more beneficial for your skin and they usually cost the same amount of money.

The makeup colors are different

This is very common and is an old misconception. Right now, there are an incredible amount of amazing colors in the clean beauty space. The colors are just as vibrant as the mainstream beauty selection, if not even better sometimes! The best part of using clean beauty makeup is that you can have full confidence with what you are using and also knowing that you are doing something that is very good for your skin, instead of just packing and clogging your pores. Here are a few of my favorite brands: Beautycounter and Jane Iredale. When I’m working on a photo session with clean beauty makeup, I can immediately see how pigmented they are with the amazing results that I get. I really understand their true value and what they are really worth.

Clean Beauty smells funny

Absolutely not, not anymore! Maybe this was true some time ago, but now the aroma is a super yummy smell of vanilla which is is also packed with the best rose extract (which is one of the most expensive ingredients to add in any makeup line). Unfortunately, big name companies will usually add artificial/synthetic ingredients such as perfume or other chemicals, and I would never suggest putting that on your face! Artificial fragrance and healthy skin don’t go hand-in-hand.

Clean Beauty looks boring

Ummmm, take a look at the likes of Beautycounter, Jane Iredale and Kjaer Weis, and then get back to me!

In Summary...

Together we can truly see that these urban myths are just truly that, urban myths! Now go out and do the right thing!

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