Virtual Makeup Lessons with Sofia

Who needs virtual makeup lesson? ... EVERYONE

Yes, you hear me, right! Nowadays, we are in front of the cameras: Zoom meetings, zoom interviews (men included), teens (hormonal changes), and overall all appointments online of any kind. The light is our leading problem, and the filter shows EVERYTHING... So what to do? I teach online easy beauty tips that are especially design for YOU and only you. I make it the way that you understand no matter what level you are.

I am a huge believer in repetition and practice practice practice. Practice makes perfect and we are always learning something in life all the time. When I teach, I always encourage my students to record their lessons, but I also record myself and listen to my voice in the car because I know it will help me become even better at what I do. By listening to our lesson in the car, it will also help you remember all the steps too! I want to emphasize one very important thing though: Be sure to NOT watch your phone while driving and just only listen!

This can be a great technique for anyone who would like to improve their everyday look and feel more put together. It’s also great if you want to look fantastic for an interview or if you just want to learn how to create a look to make heads turn and people to pay attention (I call this makeup look: CEO boss lady makeup). So don’t forget to bring your phone because we will record every single step of your beautiful journey!

Steps For A Successful Virtual Makeup Lesson

1- Select Your Lesson Package and Purchase

2- You will complete the Customize Makeup Questionnaire

3- Sofia then reviews the questionnaire and makes personalized recommendations

4- Select a date for our Virtual Makeup Lesson –  lessons are recorded for you to refer back to

5- Sofia offers follow-up lessons to make sure you are confident in your new skills.

1-Virtual Makeup Lesson


  • One 60-minute Virtual Lesson
  • One Follow-Up Lesson

$150 USD


3-Virtual Makeup Lessons


  • Three 60-minute Virtual Lessons
  • One Follow-Up Lesson

$295 USD


10-Virtual Makeup Lessons


  • Ten 60-minute Virtual Lessons
  • One Follow-Up Lesson

$995 USD


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